Source code for pex.installer

# Copyright 2014 Pants project contributors (see
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (see LICENSE).

from __future__ import absolute_import, print_function

import os
import sys
import tempfile

from pkg_resources import Distribution, PathMetadata

from .common import safe_mkdtemp, safe_rmtree
from .compatibility import WINDOWS
from .executor import Executor
from .interpreter import PythonInterpreter
from .tracer import TRACER

__all__ = (

def after_installation(function):
  def function_wrapper(self, *args, **kw):
    self._installed =
    if not self._installed:
      raise Installer.InstallFailure('Failed to install %s' % self._source_dir)
    return function(self, *args, **kw)
  return function_wrapper

class InstallerBase(object):
  SETUP_BOOTSTRAP_MODULE = "sys.path.insert(0, %(path)r); import %(module)s"
__file__ = ''
sys.argv[0] = ''
exec(compile(open(__file__, 'rb').read(), __file__, 'exec'))

  class Error(Exception): pass
  class InstallFailure(Error): pass
  class IncapableInterpreter(Error): pass

  def __init__(self, source_dir, strict=True, interpreter=None, install_dir=None):
      Create an installer from an unpacked source distribution in source_dir.

      If strict=True, fail if any installation dependencies (e.g. distribute)
      are missing.
    self._source_dir = source_dir
    self._install_tmp = install_dir or safe_mkdtemp()
    self._installed = None
    self._strict = strict
    self._interpreter = interpreter or PythonInterpreter.get()
    if not self._interpreter.satisfies(self.capability) and strict:
      raise self.IncapableInterpreter('Interpreter %s not capable of running %s' % (
          self._interpreter.binary, self.__class__.__name__))

  def mixins(self):
    """Return a map from import name to requirement to load into setup script prior to invocation.

       May be subclassed.
    return {}

  def install_tmp(self):
    return self._install_tmp

  def _setup_command(self):
    """the setup command-line to run, to be implemented by subclasses."""
    raise NotImplementedError

  def _postprocess(self):
    """a post-processing function to run following invocation."""

  def capability(self):
    """returns the list of requirements for the interpreter to run this installer."""
    return list(self.mixins().values())

  def bootstrap_script(self):
    bootstrap_modules = []
    for module, requirement in self.mixins().items():
      path = self._interpreter.get_location(requirement)
      if not path:
        assert not self._strict  # This should be caught by validation
      bootstrap_modules.append(self.SETUP_BOOTSTRAP_MODULE % {'path': path, 'module': module})
    return '\n'.join(
        [self.SETUP_BOOTSTRAP_HEADER] + bootstrap_modules + [self.SETUP_BOOTSTRAP_FOOTER])

  def run(self):
    if self._installed is not None:
      return self._installed

    with TRACER.timed('Installing %s' % self._install_tmp, V=2):
      command = [self._interpreter.binary, '-'] + self._setup_command()
        self._installed = True
      except Executor.NonZeroExit as e:
        self._installed = False
        name = os.path.basename(self._source_dir)
        print('**** Failed to install %s (caused by: %r\n):' % (name, e), file=sys.stderr)
        print('stdout:\n%s\nstderr:\n%s\n' % (e.stdout, e.stderr), file=sys.stderr)
        return self._installed

    return self._installed

  def cleanup(self):

[docs]class Installer(InstallerBase): """Install an unpacked distribution with a""" def __init__(self, source_dir, strict=True, interpreter=None): """ Create an installer from an unpacked source distribution in source_dir. If strict=True, fail if any installation dependencies (e.g. setuptools) are missing. """ super(Installer, self).__init__(source_dir, strict=strict, interpreter=interpreter) self._egg_info = None fd, self._install_record = tempfile.mkstemp() os.close(fd) def _setup_command(self): return ['install', '--root=%s' % self._install_tmp, '--prefix=', '--single-version-externally-managed', '--record', self._install_record] def _postprocess(self): installed_files = [] egg_info = None with open(self._install_record) as fp: installed_files = for line in installed_files: if line.endswith('.egg-info'): assert line.startswith('/'), 'Expect .egg-info to be within install_tmp!' egg_info = line break if not egg_info: self._installed = False return self._installed installed_files = [os.path.relpath(fn, egg_info) for fn in installed_files if fn != egg_info] self._egg_info = os.path.join(self._install_tmp, egg_info[1:]) with open(os.path.join(self._egg_info, 'installed-files.txt'), 'w') as fp: fp.write('\n'.join(installed_files)) fp.write('\n') return self._installed @after_installation def egg_info(self): return self._egg_info @after_installation def root(self): egg_info = self.egg_info() assert egg_info return os.path.realpath(os.path.dirname(egg_info)) @after_installation def distribution(self): base_dir = self.root() egg_info = self.egg_info() metadata = PathMetadata(base_dir, egg_info) return Distribution.from_location(base_dir, os.path.basename(egg_info), metadata=metadata)
class DistributionPackager(InstallerBase): def mixins(self): mixins = super(DistributionPackager, self).mixins().copy() mixins.update(setuptools=SETUPTOOLS_REQUIREMENT) return mixins def find_distribution(self): dists = os.listdir(self.install_tmp) if len(dists) == 0: raise self.InstallFailure('No distributions were produced!') elif len(dists) > 1: raise self.InstallFailure('Ambiguous source distributions found: %s' % (' '.join(dists))) else: return os.path.join(self.install_tmp, dists[0])
[docs]class Packager(DistributionPackager): """ Create a source distribution from an unpacked project. """ def _setup_command(self): if WINDOWS: return ['sdist', '--formats=zip', '--dist-dir=%s' % self._install_tmp] else: return ['sdist', '--formats=gztar', '--dist-dir=%s' % self._install_tmp] @after_installation def sdist(self): return self.find_distribution()
class EggInstaller(DistributionPackager): """ Create a source distribution from an unpacked project. """ def _setup_command(self): return ['bdist_egg', '--dist-dir=%s' % self._install_tmp] @after_installation def bdist(self): return self.find_distribution() class WheelInstaller(DistributionPackager): """ Create a source distribution from an unpacked project. """ MIXINS = { 'setuptools': SETUPTOOLS_REQUIREMENT, 'wheel': WHEEL_REQUIREMENT, } def mixins(self): mixins = super(WheelInstaller, self).mixins().copy() mixins.update(self.MIXINS) return mixins def _setup_command(self): return ['bdist_wheel', '--dist-dir=%s' % self._install_tmp] @after_installation def bdist(self): return self.find_distribution()