Source code for pex.iterator

# Copyright 2015 Pants project contributors (see
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (see LICENSE).

"""The glue between fetchers, crawlers and requirements."""

import itertools
from abc import abstractmethod

from .compatibility import AbstractClass
from .crawler import Crawler
from .fetcher import PyPIFetcher
from .package import Package

class IteratorInterface(AbstractClass):
  def iter(self, req):
    """Return a list of packages that satisfy the requirement."""

[docs]class Iterator(IteratorInterface): """A requirement iterator, the glue between fetchers, crawlers and requirements.""" def __init__(self, fetchers=None, crawler=None, follow_links=False, allow_prereleases=None): self._crawler = crawler or Crawler() self._fetchers = fetchers if fetchers is not None else [PyPIFetcher()] self.__follow_links = follow_links self.__allow_prereleases = allow_prereleases def _iter_requirement_urls(self, req): return itertools.chain.from_iterable(fetcher.urls(req) for fetcher in self._fetchers) def iter(self, req): url_iterator = self._iter_requirement_urls(req) crawled_url_iterator = self._crawler.crawl(url_iterator, follow_links=self.__follow_links) for package in filter(None, map(Package.from_href, crawled_url_iterator)): if package.satisfies(req, allow_prereleases=self.__allow_prereleases): yield package